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NIGHT/SHADE is an 18+ visual novel about overcoming the toxicity within interpersonal relationships as well as within oneself. This character driven plot explores the complexities of love and loss in the form of a romantic thriller through the eyes of our main character, Sasha, while he navigates life's darker elements and tries not to get caught in the crossfire of two ruthless crime syndicates.

This game is 18+ and strictly for adult viewing only. Some of the content in this story is potentially triggering so please note the following themes applied in our game:

  • Violence, Murder, Blood
  • Physical assault
  • Fictional drug use / Drug mention / Drug Syndicate
  • Abusive and toxic relationships
  • Explicit sexual content

NIGHT/SHADE: You're the Drug is not a dating sim. There are two romance routes with NSFW content should you choose to see them. Mishka and Dima are the love interests in the game.

System requirements:


  • Operating system: Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10 and Windows 11

  • CPU: x86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support
  • Graphics API: DX10, DX11, DX12 capable.
  • 3GB free space for download + play
  • Make sure all video, audio, and graphic drivers up to date (sometimes you have to check manually yourself!)
  • Microsoft Redistributable (for 2022) should be updated/installed
  • This video codec package installed if you're having issues viewing the opening trailer/missing codec for (H264) formats: https://codecguide.com/download_k-lite_codec_pack_full.htm


  • Operating system: Sierra 10.12+
  • CPU: x64 architecture with SSE2
  • Graphics API: Metal capable Intel and AMD GPUs
  • 3GB free space 
  • Make sure QuickTime is up to date and installed.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(48 total ratings)
AuthorThrillSwitch: NIGHT/SHADE
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, LGBTQIA, Romance, Story Rich, Thriller


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $29.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

NIGHT-SHADE-win64.zip 1 GB
Version 1
NIGHT-SHADE-linux 876 MB
Version 2
NIGHT-SHADE-win32.zip 1 GB
Version 1
NIGHT-SHADE-mac.zip 1 GB
Version 1

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So one of my friends told me about this and I'm crying bc I looked up what it was and I AIN'T GOT MONEY, it looks so cool :(

i enjoyed every moment of this! it was so captivating and it was a newer type of visual novel i'd never played before. i really loved both dima and mishka's routes and i can't say i have a favorite- both were too good for me to choose! thanks so much for this amazing game~!

So FASCINATING!!!! I also recommended it to my friends!!! May I ask if you consider making versions in other languages or authorizing translation? It's so charming!!!

Thank you for your feedback! We are currently looking into translations, and we're happy you had such a good time with the game!

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What languages do you want to translate the game into?
I'd gladly offer my services for both a Czech and Slovak translation! Also, I literally just made this account to comment this lol

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I could finally play this game I backed and DANG I was not disappointed ! 
The story, the music, the characters, the backgrounds, our freakin'choices, ... everything is so intricately intertwined to trap us in Sasha's boots and I loved every intense moment of it! 

Seriously, every single endings is worth chasing! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF 'EM.   
Good job guys! 
If you're planing on making another game, I'm totally looking forward to it.   


Thank you so so much for your kind words! We worked really hard and we're very glad you enjoyed the game.


First of all, I LOVE THIS GAME.

Second of all, judging by the other comments, this is an unpopular opinion but....

I adore Dima and his route. Oh my god. I played Mishka's route first because I'm usually drawn to the best-friends-turned-lovers trope, and although I loved Mishka's route too, Dima's route is just so.... healthy and beautiful and calming and wholesome???

Like, he's such an adorable respectful sweetheart. I love how he always asks for consent from Sasha and asks him if he's okay and what he wants and he's just so thoughtful and mature and takes accountability for his words/actions and ALJDFSDJLG god I could go on forever about this boy lmao I LOVE HIM.

Sasha x Dima is my OTP for sure. 

BEAUTIFUL game, AMAZING characters, EPIC story/music, ADORABLE romances, just an overall gem and definitely in my top VNs that I know I'll keep coming back to. 

Thank you so much for making this incredible game! <3 


We're so glad you love Dima! We put a lot of love into his character and we're super glad someone likes his route. <3

Is there a guide anywhere or an option to buy an official guide or smth? :-)

There was only a guide available as a Kickstarter exclusive during the first 72-hour special of our campaign. So sorry! We hope you're enjoying the game!

Hey guys I think there is a sprite color error at the end of Mishka his ending as his earring goes from purple to blue when he turns his head to the side

Thank you for the feedback! Think of it like a little easter egg, lol!

lol you know would be funny to make it that Mishka is wearing color changing earrings XD

Deleted 1 year ago
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Oh btw I'm missing two gallery CGs as it's the two after you see Mishka and Sasha holding hands and I also already got the two bad endings CGs with Roman looking at Sasha and the other with Sasha on the ground with the flower petals so how do I get the other two that I don't have?

I really love this game so far, and all the characters are very cool (I especially love Mishka ^^). However, right now I'm blocked in the transition between two scenes with the black screen. I don't know if the problem comes from my computer, and I tried different things like rebooting the game or restarting my computer but it doesn't change a thing... I don't know what to do to continue playing. It's very frustrating, especially at this point of the game. Maybe I should just unistall the game and install it again ? I don't know, can someone help me with this problem ? I would really appreciate it.

Have a good day.

Hello there! So sorry to hear that you're having issues with the game. Could you please email us at: nightshadeprojectinfo@gmail.com so that we can troubleshoot with you properly and get to the bottom of the error? Thank you!


I already commented on here but I got this game on my Laptop but I wish there was a android version of it so I could play it on my phone

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I just finished it and got all the endings and while I really loved the game I do have some pretty mixed feelings in regards to one aspect of the story. I really love Mishka and his route, best boy! Everything about his story was so good and refreshing and I love what the game has to say in regards to him. It was also really fun going back and doing different choice combinations and seeing how scenes play out differently based on choices.  I love the art, the music, the story, and the characters. As someone who really loves DMMD I really vibed with this game, they have the same energy I think. 

As for my criticisms, I'll put below, and I'll try to keep it as spoiler free as possible but just in case continue with care. 










Okay so, I feel like they overhyped Ada. I'm a Transmasc NB, and I was initially really happy with how there were two transmasc and three NB characters (NB characters that don't really make any attempt at androgyny which is REALLY nice.) But then it hit me that none of these characters, except for Ada, are really main characters. They don't get romances, they aren't really complex, they're side characters, and that's really disappointing. Why couldn't someone like Sasha or Vadim or Mishka be trans? I'm so desperate for trans/transmasc leads in BL, and unfortunately N/S kinda missed the mark in this regard. 

Ada disappointed me. You wouldn't know he was trans if you went into the game blindly. He was super hyped up on social media and in the marketing, but it doesn't matter to the plot, and its not visible in the game AT ALL. His relationship, if you can call it that, is super unhealthy and toxic, and I can't say more without spoiling the ending but yeah. Not great. I know he's supposed to get a patch later on, but I don't even know if that's going to be accessible to everyone or just exclusive to the people on patreon/kickstarter. IDK, it just really bugged me that they hyped Ada up as trans when it doesn't actually matter and doesn't go anywhere. It also kinda feeds into some unfortunate implications, since trans/transmasc BL does often get looked down on or excluded from BL spaces because its not "dick/dick" porn.  Again, maybe this will get addressed in the Ada patch, which I'm disappointed was not included at launch, but I do hope I'll have access to it when it does come.

Editing to clarify I do REALLY adore the game. It was super fun, I love the Mishka/Sasha dynamic, and their friendship felt really real and well written, they are extremely likable and suck you in. I could not stop playing the game. I actually really hope the soundtrack gets a vinyl release, I would LOVE to have this on a pink/mint record and put it on blast when I just wanna chill out. I just also wanted to share this criticism as well since I do adore the game and would love to see more.  This game was made with a lot of love, and I had a lot of fun playing it, but it did eventually sink in that no one in the Strexa crew was visibly trans/GNC and that did let me down when I realized it. 

Thank you for the feedback and thank you for your kind words! We're glad you enjoyed the game and had a fun time! For clarification: Ada's patch WILL be available to everyone! 

Have a good week and thanks again for your support! 💜

Thank you for the clarification! I can't wait for the update!

*Resumes thinking non stop about the game and writing essays about themes in friends DMs*

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Sorry, I just want to write again and apologize, I just realized I've been an idiot. 

Its just now occurred to me that the thing about Ada is that all stuff being shared about him on social media was less about "marketing" and was more of you guys, the creators, being very excited about your character, and sharing lots of fun details and lore. (I've been thinking non-stop about the game and talking about it to anyone who will listen.) I recently went though the twitter back log earlier today to read all the bits of trivia about the characters, and it literally JUST NOW clicked to me how much it all makes sense.  I'm so sorry for misconstruing it. I really enjoyed the game and the story, and I'm looking forward to the Ada patch, and I was the who took things wrong. Its like y'all said on the twitter, some details just didn't fit in with the main story (aka the Ada backstory) so it makes sense its not visible, because the story isn't about Ada.  (edit: I also just realized that him being trans actually DOES play into his character arc, but I won't state that here because obvious spoilers. Again, I can't stop thinking about the game and the longer I think about it the more I keep realizing things. I'm also obviously socially awkward, whoopsies.)

TL:DR Today I F'd Up by mistaking fun lore about a supporting character shared by passionate creators as cheap marketing and I sorely regret it. 


Thank you for your kindness! We appreciate the love and kindness shared here, and we’re really excited that you are excited about more lore and info. No worries, there’s no need to apologize! There are a lot of perceptions, opinions, and views in regards to our game and we appreciate all the love and feedback regardless. Nuance and context are always at play and sometimes it really is just a matter of reviewing your thoughts on the matter a few times. Believe us, no ill feelings from us on the matter! We just really are over the moon that people care and liked the story. Thanks again! ✨💜


I just finished Dima's ending and I'm at loss of word. I absolutely loved the game, and the design was one of my favourite thing, as odd as it may seem. It really adds a lot to the experience imo, the futuristic design, the clicking sound when you click on an option etc. 

But more than that, I really appreciated the story and its characters. In some ways it was very different from the other VN I've played (we get different POVs, if you do not choose mishka, is feeling still lingers while in other VN, the love interest you do not choose most of the time do not have feelings for you etc.) and it was totally worth the money. 

[Spoiler] I have to admit that even though I didn't particularly liked what Roman did in the story, what happens to him in the end absolutely broke my heart ahah 

I have so many question like Is he really dead ? What happens of Ada ? Did Pav really left for Greece or stayed ?

Already looking forward to playing Mishka's route ~


We are SO happy to hear you enjoyed the game! Thank you for your review and your kind words! Have fun playing Mishkas route!


I really love this game my fav out all is Mishka I absolutely love him <3 awesome job <3!! >3< i am going keep reading Mishka story the good ending is so heart warming and tearful !!


Glad you like Mishka! His ending was beautiful to write for. Keep enjoying the game! 💜

Oh i will and forgot to say the music amazing as well i like the low one with the beat with Sasha and Mishka togeather song seems to fit them well <3 sorry i just had to say

Is there a guide for the game?

I'm in love with Mishka main boy, but I have just met Indigo and I would personally immediately like to propose to her. She is so fucking cute! Also, I'm having a great time so far. Great work!

Thank you so much! We're so glad you liked the game!

Okay I want to know who are the voice actors?

you can check on their twitter account @NightShade_VN


This game is AMAZING! I spent two solid evenings ensuring I chose every option and unlocked all the Extras. This story - bravo team! You walked that thin line of 'tough to talk about' and 'snarky humor'. Again, congratulations on a wonderful piece of work. 

Thank you so much! Super glad you enjoyed the ride!


okay!!! WOW!!!  I really appreciate the fact that this game tackles some pretty serious issues while still being able to be lighthearted and engaging.  took a bit to get fully hooked, but I got invested with Mishka and Sasha's first scene together in the game.  very engaging and very enjoyable!  gonna have to replay from the beginning because this was my "fuck around and find out" playthrough, as my first playthroughs of any game tend to be.  but yes!!! ultimately very enjoyable and I can't wait to play again!  will definitely recommend this to people.

Thank you! We are so glad you enjoyed! Have fun playing!! 

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Hey it might be a stupid question but what version should I download win64 or win32? As I never know the difference with them


Hi there! It's not a stupid question don't worry. You can check which version of windows you have by opening up the start menu, and typing "system".  An app called "System App" will pop up, click that and it will tell you which version you have next to "System Type" on the right. Hope that helps!

thanks I see my ST is 64


Following this game from it's kickstarter stages, I can definitely say it's well worth e.v.e.r.y pennies and the wait ! Holy Molly ! My mind is blown !

Where do I start !? with my poor grasp of the English language ? 

(I may have spoiled just a tiny bit, despite my best efforts to not to... so, thread cautiously : the 2 last paragraphs -yeah i got excited writing this review- may be a tad bit spoilery)

The music is top-notch, alway fitting the various scenes - adding to the whole experience wonderfully ! Being a big sucker for background music, I'm really pleased with how well it's been executed in the game. The sounds effects are super convincing too ! And oh gosh, the voice acting ! You suffer and laugh with the characters ! 10/10 would suffer and laugh again with them, anytime ! The voice acting is top quality, the actors made a wonderful job, kuddos to them. I mean it ! On that part, I'm often disappointed with voice actings lacking intensity or proper feelings for certains scene, but not this time~! No spoiler though, you have to discover it for yourself ! 

(I definitely understand why some people like the baddie now lmao)

The art-design is obviously extremely good. Seriously, you have to play the game to realize how well everything has been lovingly crafted and rendered. The backgrounds folk ! Those gorgeous freaking backgrounds ! GOSH ! And the many characters in this game, from the side ones to the mains, well - no one has been forgotten ! Seriously ! Every single one of them has their own personality shining through their expressions, outfits, behaviours, speech. It's sooo well done ! Some characters are seriously fashion icons : the outfits, man ! Some others could be models ! dear gods 

I have a crush on everyone ! 

The characters are all very very endearing ! I sincerely hope ThrillSwitch will consider doing a prequel or sequel of their game, so we can spend more time with the gang ! I really want to know more of every single one of them.  They're imperfect, they're hurting/ have been hurt, they made/make mistakes, every one has their own issues, but it's never cliché.  The characters growth is amazing !

Yeah~ the writing, man. Man !

The whole story is for a mature audience, but not only because of the TW, for me. It tackles serious topics, in a very mature way. It's superb ! For an indie game, and without the possibility to fully develop and conclude all of the many subjects it touched, because of length's limits - it's so good ! Touching, even. The relationships, the struggles... How everyone tries to improve themselves, support each other or try to tear the others appart, it's truly moving and sooo well made ! 

Seriously, the art, the music, the voice acting, and the writing of this game are my OT4 ! lol Everything blend so well and enhance the whole thing ! 

The cinematic scenes (yes they even put cinematic scenes in the game !) are super cool, thanks to it !! Yeah, it's an understatement, obviously.  That one scene on the pier ... will i ever recover from it ?  I can't spoil, but my poor heart has taken some blows after witnessing some scenes. Again, the music, voice acting and the art complete each other really well, adding to the experience. That one scene on the pier folk...! me kokoro ouchie  

Oh, I was so into the story and the characters development, I've almost forgotten it was a nsfw game lmao ! Well, let me tell you a bit about that part : cherry on top of the best indie game cake I had in a while ! ;P  I will definitely not spoil too much, but oh dear gosh...!! WE are spoiled ! My goodness ! Again : the art, the music, the voice acting, the writing ! dat ass

Chef's kiss~

Honorary mention for Tulip and Marshmallow : tHeY'rE jUSt sO cUuTe oH My gOd !!! Even their own voice acting is freaking well made ! 

Well. Yeah~

... I really love the game !

Obviously, lol.

Thanks you, ThrillSwitch !!


a very happy fan !

oh damn it's a gigantic review, i got carried away !

In short : it's a very good game, and a wonderful experience. It has exceeded my expectations ! Seriously ! 

Try it folk, you won't be disappointed !


Thank you so much for your kind words! We're so so so happy you enjoyed the game!!

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Is this a glitch because I'm trying to buy this game but when ever I log in my paypal it keep saying this "The merchant isn’t able to accept PayPal payments at this time. Please try again later or return to the merchant and choose another way to pay." sorry if this is a glitch on Itch.io and not on you then they need to fix this

Hm, that is weird, that does sound like an issue with PayPal and Itchio, hopefully they'll fix that soon enough. If you'd like you can email us at nightshadeprojectinfo@gmail.com and we can send send a key. 💜

(1 edit)

I have the same problem. itch.io posted on twitter that they're aware of the issue and working on getting it fixed.

okay thank's for letting me know

Good news - it's working again!



Just finished my first play through and found this very enjoyable. I loved the sound track, the CG artwork is lush.

Thank you for playing! 💜

It was good hihi

hi! are the love interests dima and mishka?

Yes! The two love interests and romance routes are Dima and Mishka. 💜

Will there be a mobile version

We currently do not have plans for a mobile version.

It's getting stucked in one particular moment and not moving forward at all: I cannot save, cannot scroll backward, even cannot quit the game - nothing. Tried everything I could've thought and no results.

So sorry you're having issues with the build. Could you send us an email at nightshadeprojectinfo@gmail.com so we can help you troubleshoot? We will help get to the bottom of the issue so you can keep playing!


Hi I can play the game but the movie cutscene doesn't show up so i have to skip it... Will i miss anything in the game other than the trailer that you show in the demo?

Hi there,

Yes, there are some cutscenes in the game that might be missed. Are all your graphics and video drivers up to date? 


I am enjoying it so far however this game crashes...alot.

We are working on a compatibility build to help with this issue! Thank you for your patience 

In the meantime, you can try lowering the graphics in-game, trying windowed mode, and possibly updating all graphic and video drivers to see if that helps at all. Hopefully, the compatibility build will help any crashing issues.


yay! been waiting for this game! i have a question.. how many love intrests are there ? 

There are two love interests you can pursue!


Wow! Your game has given me a wild delight!

All my favorite genres are intertwined in it and implemented first-class! Thank you very much from a "dark yaoi" fan!  =^v^=


We're so glad you enjoyed it!


Also someone play through it and come back to say the playtime once completed T^T or devs do you know?


Hi there! It seems like most playthroughs are about 6-7 hours depending on your reading speed! Hope you enjoy!